What do you do when MS is confirmed


Im hoping you could advise me please. So, i went to a private hospital for my MRI scans, he said it looks like MS. To have it confirmed, I’m due to have lumbar puncture and full MRI scans with contrast in next 2 weeks. When they do confirm it is MS, what do i do then? I work part time. I’ve heard you can apply for benefits and a car for mobility but i don’t have a clue.
Any advise would be very grateful please. Thank you

Any benefits depend on your disability not diagnosis. Hopefully you will be able to carry on with life much as before. With the advent of disease modifying treatments many people continue with “normal” life for many years. It is impossible to predict what is to come.

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Thank you. I really hope i can. I used to be such an active person , but scared walking incase i fall like ive done many a times in the past. I want yo beable to live a normal life as much as i can.