What can I expect from the next MRI ?

So I`ve been diagnosed with RRMS and that changed to PPMS several months later and now the Neurologist has arranged a new MRI scan to the head as he is not sure what type of MS I have.

Based on my symptoms I feel better now than I did 16 months ago when I was first diagnosed with RRMS. To be honest my own research and hard work has made life more bearable. The so called professionals have brown eyes and tell you nothing of any value.

I just wish they had been honest with me and say that they were unsure of the type of MS I have.

So the bottom line is, I probably have MS but type unknown.

So, the MRI is July 1st (a Saturday) can they get it right this time ? Third time lucky.

I think its PPMS and its very slow as I reckon I`ve had it about 30 years (as a round number).

PPMS is the final stage of MS, so I’m told.

The MRi scans are just to look closer at the scarring. Where & what problems they are causing.

Most people with PPMS are close or in a wheelchair.

The inner battery runs very low, very quickly. All depending on the problems caused.

Once in a wheelchair, things decline much quicker. Mainly due to lack of circulation & exercise.

If I was you, I would join a gym.

I rode a mountain bike every day until my balance went to pot. Now I’m fighting to stay out of the wheelchair phase. When the muscles start to completely waist away. Then it becomes really tough & people will take you to the loo.

You get the idea. So get to know some good folks & steer clear of leaches.


PPMS is where you just get worse over a short period i was fine one day then mobility got worse only was dx 2014 but in a wheelchair now i am hoping physio will help me more mobile.