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I am just wondering if someone could tell me if your ms is changing from ppms to spms.

I have ppms but mild (so they say -neuro) but I am also getting new symptoms. I had an mri last November 2011, would i be wasting neuro time for another mri.

Thanks in advance


Hi Dee, Not sure if we’ve seen you on here before (sorry terrible memory), so if not, welcome…

PPMS starts as PPMS… it does not start as another type of MS and it cannot turn into another type of MS.

RRMS can turn into secondary progressive, SPMS.

PPMS does progress, so even though yours started as mild, new symptoms and progression will happen.

Another MRI won’t really make a difference. All they will be able to tell you is that there are new lesions, but they won’t be able to do anything to help stop the lesions or slow progression.

However there are drugs that can help the symptoms and it would be worth seeing your neuro or your MS nurse to talk about drugs that would help.

Also it’s worth remembering that there is loads of research going on into progressive MS right now… so hopefully it won’t be long before there will be treatments to help.

In meantime, read more about PPMS. Here is a link for a fact sheet on this site about types of MS.

Also look on the MS Trust website which also has good information and fact sheets.

I’m sorry you are now having more symptoms. My PPMS was also called ‘mild’ at first and I too have progressed (and really ‘mild’ is an irritating term… what might seem ‘mild’ to a neuro can be hell for us!).

Take care and ask more questions if you have them.

Pat x

Dee I will Ditto What Pat has said I started out OK then onto one stick then two then crutches now zimmer and wheelchair. I have loved every minute of it, keep smiling coz the alternative is crying and they always say laughter is the best medicine