West Yorkshire MS Therapy centre - fire at site

Just got in from work to hear that the site where the MS Centre is located is ablaze and on the main local news.

I do not believe the actual centre is on fire, but the companies premises that own the land are very badly damaged.

I am trying to contact the management to get an update on what is happening and find out about what’s happening in the near future.

I hope that everyone is safe at the centre and Airedale Airconditioning, the company that provides so much support to the centre (including the premises).

What a nightmare for everyone.


That’s worrying.

I live in Bristol so this is the first I have heard about it.

Like you say I hope everyone is safe. Will be awful if the MS Centre itself is involved. Will cause a lot of upset to people who use this Centre.

Keep us up to date as to what is happening.


Just been reading about it on the BBC website. Hope the Centre isn’t affected and everyone is OK.



Hoping everyone ok and will be interested to hear updates, used to go there a couple of years ago and was thinking of a comeback.

Just returned from holiday to hear the news about the devastating fire at the Airedale Air Conditioner Centre. I hope no-one was injured and the the firemen dealing with the fire remain safe. I feel so sorry for the firm, its workers and their families as its a big employer in the area.

They have also been very supportive towards the MS Therapy Centre and we really need firms like this to survive. I’ve used the MS centre for about 5 years and hope this will still be available, but at the moment my thoughts and best wishes are with the owners, workers and families of the people employed there.


Update… Thankfully no one was injured but the site is extensively damaged. The therapy site escaped without any damage. There is no power to the site and meetings are taking place over the weekend on how to get the site up and running. Obviously, lots of damage has been done and our first thoughts are with Airedale and its employees as well as the staff at the ms centre. I will update as I hear more. Neil

Thanks for the update Neil, Its good to know everyone is safe. I hope the MS Centre will be up and running again soon.

BW, Mary


A major fire at Airedale International Airconditioning over the weekend is causing huge disruption to the MS Therapy Centre as we are based in their mill complex.

At the moment we have no power, water, gas or telephone line.

We have no internet connection so cannot receive e-mails.

You are unable to contact us by the usual means.

The centre will be closed untill normal services are resumed.

If you need to contact us the only way at the moment is to ring on the mobile number that is on the website

Further updates will be made on the centres website.

We apologise to out members for any dispuruption caused.

Thank you

Neil (on behalf of the staff and committee)

I had put a post on here with the latest update and requested it be made a sticky for a short while. I guess it is stuck in a void awaiting the ok.

The therapy centres website will be updated as the situation progresses.


UPDATE - 9 Sept 2013


There is still no power to the centre so it will remain closed until further notice.

We do not have a timescale at the moment.

We apologise for any problems this may cause you.


Neil & the staff and committee at the West Yorkshire MS therapy centre


09/09/13 - 4.00pm

Centre looks like being closed for some time.

We are looking to make our own arrangements regarding power supply, maybe a temp generator.

We may have to restrict opening times if we get power sorted & can open.

Due to building work on site, parking will also be restricted.

More information when we get it on the centre website.




Airedale are unable to help us by getting our power back on. We are looking to get a generator!

When we eventually get running again we will have to open for restricted hours as the site will be a building site and parking will be restricted.


We will continue to keep members updated.

thank you for your cooperation.


I hope to have further updates early w/c 16/9/13.

Thank you



The centre will re-open on Tuesday 17th September.

Opening times will be restricted as the site will resemble a building site.

Parking may be restricted so please book your dive / parking by calling the number on the Therapy centre website.

Thanks to everyone for bearing with us and the MS society team for allowing us to post on the forum.

Neil & the committee and team at the centre

Hi neil, you have done a splendid job in keeping users of the MS Therapy centre in Leeds, updated following the devastating fire.

I am also very pleased to hear that no-one was hurt in the blaze. I saw it on tv when it was happening…so frightening!

luv Pollx