West, South London and outskirts - Sailing

Sailability is a national charity giving the disabled people the opportunity to learn to sail or explore the vast reservoir
in a group with a skipper at Queen Mary Sailing Club - Ashford Middlesex

Anyone wants go to open day at Queen Mary Sailing Club
Saturday 17th May
Push the Boat Out, Open Day
1300 Support team to rig 303s including the new one ready for launch soon after 1400.
Sailing in Hansa/Access 303s 1400 - 1600
1600 Tea in Training Room 5
1630 derig boats.

So everyone will sail at 2pm
For where it is vist http://www.queenmary.org.uk/location.aspx

Google maps and sat
Queen Mary Reservoir

Ashford Road


If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

They also have a fixed sailing sailing day every Thursday at 2pm where many people with MS attend.
Newbies more than welcome.

Wish this was near me…love to be able to get out on a sailboat again.

Thanks for posting…hope some will be close enough to take it up.