Weird Itchy Head

I was wondering if any had this weird itching head thing.  It drives me mad especially when i wash and dry my hair. The Heat sames to make it worse.



Hi, I get it. I’ve noticed some shampoo’s/ conditioners make it worse too. Treseme prods make it really bad. Now I just use aqua light shampoo and conditioner, they seem to be the best. Dyeing my hair gives me a flare up also. I use antihistamine when it’s playing up. Hope that helps, Suz xx


      I have had this before as a reaction to some medication, but only some antibiotics. I am sure that it exists with other meds too so it might be worth a look in the relevant drug  books. I hope that you are soon feeling better as it must drive you nuts.



I have had it before i even got diagnosed some days its fine others it annoys me so much.  Thank you for your replys.