Alysea it’s not so bad, no worse really than putting a tampon in and taking it out. Believe me it’s a really good solution and I know I’m not the only one who can sometimes go for months not having to do it, twice or even 5 times a day at others but to be able to have the option is a huge relief if you need to go out or have a good night’s sleep. My quality of life has definitely improved xx

After reading it, it made me cringe first I want to try pelvic floor exercises and lose weight I’m 4 stone overweight so first I want to get fit and healthy if that doesn’t help then I will give it a go :slight_smile: being bloating has made my bladder issues worse so I want to try all other options first. Thank you so much you made it not sound as bad as I read x

Alysea, I agree with Cath, its very very easy! For me the worst thing was actually being taught how to do it but the continence nurse was so used to it she soon put me at my ease. I now take LDN which seems to have pretty well sorted out my bladder issues so I no longer need to do it Try not to get stressed about it…I find that just makes me so much worse. Good luck, Nina x

Stress . Make s it all worse. I am catheterised and its turned my life around, no more wet pants and searching for the loo or not going out for fear of an accident. Contact the incontinence team. Don

I’ve not had any accidents yet so I’m lucky and I read bladder issues can go away on there own I thought not being able to walk without aids was worse it was going to get now constant bloating rather have the bowel problems then bladder I know most are used to it but all this happened within a year for me. Such bad luck :frowning:

It’s been a year since I posted this, I am much worse had a uti for months didn’t know I ended up in hospital and then rehab, I am much worse I can walk but only by locking my legs, I was diagnosed last year neurologist now admits it’s PPMS but I knew that, any ways I think walking would improve if I could ease the stiffness as I’m stiff 24/7 I’m on tizanadine 4mg 3 times a day just got rid of another uti :frowning: but I am hopeful.