waiting for MRI result

Hello Everybody,

I am waiting to do a second MRI scan the 25th of November 2018 with the NHS , unfortunately everything seems to be MS , I have partially lost my left eye vision in May 2018 , I though that I could recover it but never happened.

I am a bit scared about my future , I feel like that I don t have time anymore to do all the things I was planning to do, I wake up with anxiety and go to sleep with anxiety , there is not a single moment of the day that I am not thinking about the MS because is right there , I can see everyday from my left eye that this disease will always stay with me . I Always used contact lenses and been extra careful with my eyes , for me is difficult to accept this vision lost.

I am scared to loose the drive licence too. I pretend to be strong and think less when I am with my friend , with my partner or when I am having a Skype call with my family

hopefully with time I will accept what is happening now in my life.

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hi mrantonio

you don’t have to accept it until you are good and ready.

spend some time shouting and screaming at your rotten luck.

then see your optician because some people with optic neuritis can have prisms fitted on their specs.

you won’t definitely lose your driving license but it will be for 3 years only, then have to be renewed.

take it slowly.

tackle that anxiety.

mindfulness meditation helped me through a rough patch and i thoroughly recommend it to you.

continue to make plans.

humans have evolved by adapting to change.

you can adapt to this change.

all the people on this site have adapted.

be strong, be calm.

carole x

Thank you very much for your kind words…


This is clearly a very unnerving and scary time for you. Optic neuritis (which is I assume what has caused the sight loss) is frequently the first sign of MS. But don’t lose all hope that the vision loss is never going to return. There are times when an MS relapse (assuming you are finally diagnosed with MS) can take months and more to resolve. So there could still be more recovery to come.

I assume once you have had the second MRI that you will be diagnosed either with MS or with CIS, which stands for Clinically Isolated Syndrome. Sometimes people have one occurrence that is never repeated. Hopefully that will be your experience.

In terms of losing your driving license, assuming you just drive a regular car (not an HGV or a passenger vehicle) losing partial sight in one eye isn’t necessarily the end of your ability to drive. Once you get the diagnosis, or results from the MRI, you will need to contact the DVLA and complete a medical questionnaire. They will get confirmation of your condition from the neurologist and will make a decision as to whether you should be driving. At that point you are likely to be given a 3 year license. Then every 3 years, go through the same process again.

As Carole said, tackle your anxiety. Worrying about the future won’t change that future. But anxiety will make you sleep badly and have it’s own impact on your health.

I would never advise someone that they should ‘accept’ their fate, or ‘come to terms’ with it. I’m with Carole in the ‘shout and scream’ at your luck. Eventually you might reach the stage where you stop shouting and only swear at your bad bloody fortune.

Meanwhile, feel free to come here, ask for help, or just empathy since we’ve mostly been where you are now.


you may also develop a habit of using foul language against everyday items that leap out to trip you, bruise you and other cruel things.

i totter around my house, bang my legs on the table corner, swear “fluff off”, say “not you” to any member of my family who might have heard it.

it’s excused if it keeps you sane!!