Getting really really worried now

I was recently diagnosed with PPMS had all the tests nd stuff and until now I think I’ve been coping really well with it jkust stumbling and plodding on as usual knowing that there are people out there with worse things that just keep going.

I keep hearing about people with MS who loose their vision and it really scares me I do have a car and it’s my life I couldn’t be without it.

I do use glasses for driving even though I dont feel like I need them I wear them asnyway as the Doctor says I have too.and I wear them for watching telly computer work and the cinema as it does make things a bit crisper.

I know that this is one of those questions that cant be answered but how likely is it that I may loose my sight?

It is quite unlikely, especially in PPMS. Optic Neuritis [ON] tends to affect people with RRMS and even then, although sight may be altered in some ways, visual acuity is often not affected.

My first bout of ON was at 14 years old. I was diagnosed at 32 and at 53 I am still driving.

Breathe deeply now and don’t panic.


Hi Jon, I agree with Liz, seems to affect people with RRMS more… and even a bout of ON usually clears up completely. I’ve never had ON. Although I don’t drive (by choice) I read a lot. I wear glasses but did for years before MS. I have had slight double-vision for past few years but actually I’m so used to it I only notice when, like at this moment, I’m made aware of it.

I think it’s a very small chance of losing eyesight with MS (and let’s face it, there’s a small chance of losing eyesight in general population), so best not to worry about it.

Carry on enjoying driving and stop worrying. As the old saying goes ‘cheer up, it might never happen’… which in this case is very true.

Pat x

Thanks Pat and Liz I had other family members who know people with MS say the same and I am usually very upbeat about everything and live for the day.

I guess my upbeat attitude possibly come from the fact I have been volunteering with special needs children forn 6 years now and have een people deal with a lot worse and keep going