Waiting for lumbar puncture results

Hi I had a LP two days ago and it will take 2-3 weeks for the results. I have had an MRI scan in April that shows demyelination and have loads of symptoms that range from pain in my neck and shoulder to pain/ burning from my hips/pelvis right down into my legs and ankles. Numbness and tingling in my left side as well as dizzy spells and blurred vision/ seeing shapes and colours, which all started with chronic migraines.
The neurologist said that the only symptom I have that could be MS is the tingling and numbness! The MRI results were very unexpected as the neurology exam was fine.
I am trying to get on with things while waiting but worried about how to cope with all of the symptoms and what pain killers to take. I currently take fluoxetine, propanolol and amitriptyline. I have cocodamol for pain at the moment.
I am worried if it is MS and I still have not started any treatment.
Any advice anyone? Some days I feel like I am going mad!
I am trying to cut out foods with gluten and dairy as I know these can be inflammatory. Does changes to the diet help? I also read about the chemicals that go into farmed fish and now worried about eating fish! Help!

wow thats some combination. i am under review at moment for carrying on with my propanolol. I started it for High blood pressure. been on it ages 80mg, but i has started to trigger brachycardia, lower pulse. so that can cause dizziness so can the other two. dont rely on the LP though i had one and it muddied the waters for me. I had the ON bands but alongside the LP you have a blood test and mine showed inflammation which makes the LP negative for MS, so i went back on the I dont know step.

its all about waiting isnt it, drove me mad. when i finally got told it was progerssive MS in 2016 i said to my neuro i could hug you lol…what a relief to finally know what was causing my issues.

I take nothing now. i only have on diazepam at night 2mg for spasms and my propananol which is for my BP. I ditched all the other stuff as they made me feel awful.

I expect you will soon know and then they will plan your treatment. xxxxx

i am gluten and dairy free, and eat a ton of good stuff lol. x