Vivid Baclofen dreams?

Hi, I’ve been on baclofen for a few months for nighttime leg spasms. I only take 20mg but I keep having really intense vivid dreams and wondered if this was a side effect? I’ve looked it up but a lot of the websites mentioning it are for substance addiction so don’t know if it would have a different response in that case.

I’d rather take it and be without spasms but, and I know this sounds stupid, the constant dreaming is getting quite wearing! I’ve always dreamt quite a lot anyway but this is getting silly…

Many thanks

Becky x

i only took baclofen once but it felt like such a strong drug that i’m surprised it’s legal.

it worked too well and made me legs unable to support me in the morning.

so i decided to try magic mushrooms instead (not true)

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I also take 10mg x 2,one early evening and one around 10pm. The benefits for me far outweigh the drawbacks and I wouldn’t be without my ‘miracle drug’ Baclofen. My leg spasms were every 17 seconds and now are under control.

I can’t say I dream more since starting Baclofen but I do find I dream quite disturbing dreams, always MS related.

I tried Baclofen in 2015

I took half a tablet, three times a day for three days and did not feel any change. I then took one tablet three times. That night I experienced muscle twitching, spasticity, a nightmare & sleeplessness but most disturbingly, manic behaviour.

My GP told me that if it were clinical mania I’d be in a psychiatric ward, but for me, it was very disturbing regardless. The list of side effects is quite long.

The nightmare was the first one I remember having in decades.


NOW ya talkin’! laughangel

Hehe x

I’ve taken Baclofen for years and never had a dream problem. But then it’s like everything, our reactions to drugs vary almost as much as our symptoms.


I talking 10mg. Great help for spasms. I’d be grateful to have dreams and sleep! Any sort would be good. :slight_smile:

Hi Becky. I take baclofen for a neurological condition but I don’t have MS. Oh boy did I have some dreams. I have read online that people meet Aliens in their baclofen dreams but I haven’t had that. I once phoned my brother in the middle of the night to ask if I have just been speaking to him. I said I was sure I was but then I fell through the floor and couldn’t see him any more! We live hundreds of miles apart so I couldn’t have been in his room . He said “you are worrying me”. I’m sure I was.

My worst dream was when I was felt I was tethered to something and couldn’t get away. I seem to be attached to something about my middle. I had some cutters on the bed table next to me so I use them to cut what was tethering me. Now I have a suprapubic catheter which comes out from my bladder through my abdomen. The moment I cut this tether I came out of the dream and realised I had actually cut my catheter in two. The district nurses called out to replace it were not impressed.

I was on 30 mg three times a day but I have now reduced it to 20 mg twice a day and 10 mg for overnight. Spasms don’t so much bother me overnight but I do need baclofen for reducing muscle tone during the day. Best wishes. David