Hi all Just started Baclofen today and am a bit alarmed by the possible side effects. Does anyone take it and how do you find it? Teresa xx

Hi Teresa

I take baclofen for spasms and spasticity and they take the edge of it

for me. I started on a very low dose and increased very slowly (I don’t

tolerate meds very easily), but for a couple of days after an increase

my symptoms seemed to increase, but after a couple of days seemed

better, if that makes sense. Can’t say I have noticed any other side effects.

Hope they improve the situation for you, take care

Pam x

Baclofen works for me,M

Thanks girls - fingers crossed, Teresa xx

I take it at night as it makes me very sleepy. Combined with amitryptline I have very good sleeps!! It more or less stops my spasms.

Sarah x

Thanks Sarah, Teresa xx

hi teresa

same as sarah baclofen amitryptiline at night gives you good sleep(too good at times)

i found it ok think you start on low dose and if nescessary up doseage

like all meds try and see if works for you

take care


Hi Steve, I have started on a low dose and it doesn’t seem to be doing anything much to help atm. Bladder feels funny today and am hoping it is not one of the possible side effects, otherwise I may have to stop it. I don’t want to be a slave to my bladder again! Teresa xx

Hi, it doesn’t suit everyone - I tried it and it turned me into a total zombie, it halved my walking speed, and I wasn’t even sure which tube station to get off to get home! But it does suit many people so even if it doesn’t seem to work at first, give it time and patience.


Thanks Chris - how long would you carry on for? Teresa xx

Baclofen helps my spasm, but the side effect came up as it weaken my muscle. It weaken my length strength. I do have bladder problem after I first taken Baclofen, this make me urgently going to toilet require to pass my urine. Had anyone have the same problem?

I’ve been on it for 6 years now and am at the top end of the dose before the pump will be offered…dreading that.


I am coming off it - been on it for 10 days with no discernible improvement at all. It’s doing weird things to an already dodgy bladder and not allowing me to sleep. I’ll be better off without it, I think! Teresa xx