vitamin D & optic neuritis

Hello All.

The doctors receptionist rang me today with the results of my blood tests. I have very low vitamin D levels and need to take a high dose for the next 8 weeks and then be re tested. Has anyone else had this? Did the vitamin D help symptoms at all? I know my levels are low but am unsure how this is connected with my other symptoms.

In the meantime I’ve been to the optician to get my eyes checked out. The eye doctor said I have possible mild optic neuritis but that my eyes are generally very healthy. He said if I hadn’t have told him I was seeing my doctor already he would have referred me to neuro. My doctor had said he would let the optician check my eye as his camera was more powerful. Has anyone else has optic neuritis and what were your symptoms?

Hello Julie,

i have it just now, it’s very painful round and what feels like behind my eye, and if you close the good eye, the colours in the bad eye look a bit paler. Also have lots of light flashes in the bad eye.

My very first symptom was optic neuritis, but it showed as double vusion for me…10 years on…March ladt year, I was having a sensory/spasm attacks & due to the hype around ms and vitamin d pushed my gp r blood lests to clestsheck. My levels were very low and I was put on a mega dose for 8 weeks & was re checked & they were back to normal & because they were normal my gp wouldnt prescribe me more vitamins to keep my levels up :frowning: so now I bought my own. I currently on tec byt at my last apt my nurse forgot to adk for those levels to be checked again so ive now got to wait 2 mths for my 6 month check.

My eye isn’t hugely painful - it’s more of a pressing sensation and my central vision is affected so when I’m working, reading or driving its blurry - little light flashes - and gets achey. Colours seem to be ok in the bad eye. It doesn’t seem to be getting any better though. Do you guys have medication for it or does it just go away eventually?

picked up my prescription for vitamin D and there was a note telling me to go back for another full blood count test - the sheet says they want to look at platelets.

i was given co-codamol which just sends me to sleep so no idea if it works or not as i dont take it during the day due to a 80 mile daily commute to work, they said it should disappear in next couple of weeks. Iv not been diagnosed with anything yet though and have only seen eye docto r about it and not my neuro…