Vitamin D evidence!

Hi everyone, I’ve been taking 10,000 iu of vitamin D on the advice of my MS nurse since around March and have noticed big benefits. I recently discovered this article about research done to identify the link between vitamin D and MS. If this is accurate, it’s pretty spectacular!! Research Identifies How Vitamin D Combats MS

Not trying to be nasty but PROOVE IT !, please.

My husband has been taking high dose for some time, but to be honest it is hard to see any change. The problem is of course, he does not know what he would be like without it. And all the other thinks he takes to try to control the symptoms.

marcus1 wrote:

Not trying to be nasty but PROOVE IT !, please.

There is growing (and in my eyes, convincing) evidence that vitamin D is very important in MS. It has a role in initial development and it appears to protect against relapses. I take a hefty supplement. Although my bad year finally calmed down after I started taking it, it could easily be a coincidence and I have noticed absbolutely no other difference whatsoever, but then I wouldn’t really - it’s preventative once you’ve got MS. If you are interested, I will pm you a selection of abstracts. Just let me know. In my book, if it might help and it doesn’t do any harm, why not? Bit daft not to really… Karen x

A very good philosophy to follow xx Maria