After 10 years of illness, I always morale. My MS is particularly difficult, my illness has always progressed (PPMS), I am now a quadriplegic and I have trouble talking, but it affects only 15% of cases. Faced with the disease, we have to arrange their surroundings.

My videos: La vie ne s'arrête pas en fauteuil roulant (Life doesn't stop with wheelchair) - YouTube

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Lovely video, I admit I cried

Sonia x

what an inspiration and so many memories of wonderful places …

thank you

ce une source d’inspiration et de tant de souvenirs de merveilleux endroits (c/o google translation!)


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That was a wonderful video, very inspiring, its brilliant that you haven’t given up and continue to have a life full of adventures. i feel that it has helped me tremendously and inspires me personally never to give up.

Michelle x

Great video MrKinkin! Very inspiring and so good to see you are still getting around and having fun!

I recognised some of the places in France from my own travels.

Merci Monsieur!

Pat xx

Wonderful photos…such an inspiration,

take care,

Nina xx

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