Vicious circle of food and tablets - any one else ?

Not sure why I am writing anything but just feel it is a means of venting my current feeling/thoughts.

I had steroid injection recently and for 5 days I felt ‘alive’ … no pain, no brain fog and energy lots of energy … I danced around, I delighted in how I felt and couldn’t stop telling my partner how great I felt… it did not last and I guess I went into a state of morning for the ‘me’ that so fleetingly came back and has now again gone !

I know the drill, I have a lot to be grateful for, my life is not bad by any means … of course I want things to be better than they are but after all this time (15 yrs from diagnosis and now secondary progressive) I know that the time to be happy and make the most of things is now … but I still crave that magic pill, the steroid injection which I would have in a shot to give me back what was the real me!

I’m angry that steroids are not an option for health risks etc etc and I know there is no magic pill. I am just so sick of struggling with the brain fog, the fatigue and the pain… I take too many pain killers (co codamol) which at least give me a slight opium boost for a while and I eat all the time thinking that it will give me energy and I really don’t want to continue eating more and more and taking whatever tablet I can but it is a vicious circle …

Anyone else understand any of what I’ve put ? …

Hi oneshot Sorry I’ve only just seen your post.

yes l know exactly what you mean, l take five different pain meds every day in all l have thirteen lots of medication

to take every day Yes it does get me down , my Neuro has told me there is nothing else they can do just pain control.

I feel as though lm existing not living , but we have to keep going who knows there could be a miracle cure found one day.

stay strong , we have to be there for each other.

Margaret ( Charlie B )

What can I say other than yes. I have fought this every step of the way but sometimes I would love to be normal, seeing someone run for a bus or even just walking to the paper shop hits me like a hammer! Yes I used to be like that but now I have the wheelchair and I know they are so envious of me

Keep us pecker up and carry on