steroids and fatigue

I am currently having a relapse and it is only the 2nd time I’ve accepted steroids I usually refuse as I’m not keen on bein on lots of tablets.I just wondered if anybody else was extremely tired and fatigued towards the end of therr steroids and after. Last time I had them id go to bed at 7pm and not feel like getting up till past 12 the next day!

Yep, when I was given a three day course of steroids, I was just congratulating myself at having avoided the nasty side effects on days 1 and 2… but unfortunately they were all hiding behind the door and jumped out on day three and set about me with baseball bats! I was only fit to be driven home and go direct to bed without passing ‘go’ first! They did the job, but I won’t rush to get more unless I absolutely have to…

hi crazycatlady

firstly, i too love cats- currently one of mine is sitting on the wheelie bin at the bottom of the garden like a sphinx. i just hope she’s not got her eye on the postman…

secondly, when i’ve had steroids i consider it ‘game over’ until they’re out of my system. you need to give yourself a break and allow for time to let the steroids do their job.

i hope you feel better soon- if you can afford yourself the time and opportunity, have a slob-out and indulge yourself in the rich pickings of daytime telly for a day or two!

fluffyollie xx