Vestibular Tests (ENG)

Hi all,

Well it has been 7 years since I have been on here and still no further forward. However, I am starting to undergo tests again after suffering with vertigo for several years.

One of the tests I am due to have is an ENG or Vestibular (balance) assessment. Has anyone had this before or know anything about it?

Thank you


The Everyday Living forum is visited more than this forum plus there is more experience. Perhaps posting there might get a reply.

Hi Lorraine

I had the tests that I think you are referring to. I also have also suffered on and off with Vertigo I do have RRMS, but ENT Dept wondered if the vertigo could be caused by an inner ear issue. I also tried the epley procedure to try and help but no effect.

The tests I had at the hospital involved an hearing check, all fine, hot air being put into my ears, to try to replicate the vertigo effect, I think they called it a vestibular kick, that was fine then tracking my eye movements on video using some very attractive googles! There was no problem found with my ears so the issues I experienced were due to MS but this was before I had official Dx.

Wishing you all the best, I know how awful vertigo is.

Sarah x