I know this can occur and obviously not yet diagnosed Throughout last 12 weeks of symptoms ive had pins and needles/ altered sensations which had stopped but now returned a bit. Have been monitoring and realised over last few days seems to happen in the bath. Initially was thinking cause been I have been at work more its been wearing shoes/ tight clothes/ time of night but late night last night and therefore late bath. The bath hasnt been boiling and ive not actually felt hot ir overheated but wondering now if it may be related. Ive had lots baths throughout with no issues so might be random. Does anyone experience similar. If so i know when body cools down but am cool and Ive still got issues. I’ve been ok in sun thatcan recall. Also calf pain running alongside tingling. Arms felt fatigued this morning doing hair. So fed up now…

Hi there EML Uthoffs is something that I experience quite a lot, in fact I’d probably call it one of my main symptoms. I certainly get symptoms when exercising, being in the sun, and sometimes when I have a hot shower so I’d expect a hot bath to be worse. I’ve never been one for baths to be honest so I don’t actually know. I’ve had these symptoms for well over a year now so I think that it’s just something that I need to manage and it was acary at first thinking “am I making things worse” but I was reassured by my nuerologist that that wasn’t the case and that I wasn’t doing extra harm

As far as cooling down is concerned it can take a little while for my vision to return even after cooling down. After going to the gym I often sit in the car with the Air Con at max for about 5 mins so I’m bloody freezing after that! The way I look at it if I’m at home and safe and my vision is a bit off then it’s not that big a deal (obviously it depends on how bad your vision gets) and if it takes a bit longer to settle it’s not a big deal. It’s when I’m out and about where some strategies might be useful.

Hopefully that gives you some reassurance but keeping a diary of what triggers things is a good idea and then you can either avoid or come up with a strategy to deal with it if necessary.


Hey, could be related to heat but would expect it to be whenever you’re hot it that’s the case and not just in the bath. Could it be that when you’re lying still/relaxing it’s more noticeable than during the day when you’re up and busy? Just a thought. I get tingling in the sun and have for a while. It’s very obvious that it’s linked to the sun and happens every time and goes away every time. So based just on my own experience I’d be tempted to say if it’s subtle then probably not uthoffs as I think it would be clear to you if it was. I guess you could test it out now you’re aware and take note of how it feels in different situations when you’re hot.

Hope you’re ok. Not surprised you’re fed up. Try and have some fun this weekend if possible and take your mind off it as much as you can xxx

Thanks both

Apart from note keeping like a MOFO, am very aware of trying to keep eye during day also , conscious that if going full pelt for work I can be easily distracted but its definitely more prevalent when in/ out of the bath

So hard with nothing to compare it too also, eg if this positive MS then is it now active, or is it relapsy, or is this going to be the ongoing presentation of it. We only get about 3 hot days per year north of the border :slight_smile: but am pale and fairly intolerant to sun though have been out in it but with no symptoms that i can recall and most of our sunny days were before start of pins and needles which led to my going to GP . So might be if its sunny now it might happen

As usual its the sorting wheat from chaff that is the major PAIN if you have health conditions as so easy to put everything down to one thing or other. So the really sore legs have had for last week have been here before (but with no other symptoms that has obviously led me to GP for MS query). So is this now potentially related, it is something else i should pursue. Felt bit clumsier too, think words bit mixed up and been very tired too but then so has OH who has fallen asleep on sofa but no need to analyse that. Also got a responsible job and last 6 months covid have been uber busy. However spent last 3 days interviewing, leading on it , co-ordinating it, doing associated records and admin and along usual work too. So with little break during covid and long working days - doesnt suggest any real cognitive problems, etc.

So, as i say trying to sort wheat from chaff (just now at least) is impossible

What i would say is that despite taking paracetamol and ibuprofen - no relief so suspect it may well be nerve related

However is it MS in absence of mobilty issues, spasms, spasticity etc, or is it now maybe Diabetic neuropathy. It’s been on and off for years - leading to blood tests, muscle enzyme tests, referral to rheumatology for that and other aches and pains. I do think its systemic for sure, but what system i couldnt say.

I have always said to GP i could be at them regularly for same 4 or 5 things weekly. So hanging on, waiting for neuro appt in 2 weeks and praying the pending 2nd wave doesn’t halt everything again not least as the first 6 weeks of managing during this pandemic was absolutely bonkers

Over warm and hot weather wipe me out totally. All I can do is lie down and drink cold water and swab mesen with wet wipes and use a fan. I got a tower fan recently and it is great.