Update on being in limbo

Hi all,hope that you all are doing okay in limbo land,not an easy place to be in I tell you.

I’ve not posted on here for a while,had a few issues with it and it’s took a while to get used to lol.

After being in Limbo for 2 half year now,we have finally asked for a second opinion as I feel my neuro is not doing enough for me after being under him 14 month,it all came to a head when I had to see him earlier as I’ve developed more symptoms and wasn’t doing too well especially with my walking,he did agree and he said the time before he would re scan me,but when we got there he didn’t seem too interested and I went with a list which my GP recommended and Rizzo told me once it was a good idea to do so,he did write them down but did
Not let me chat too much,he is not the best doc to talk to.

It was my hubby in the end that asked about a scan…he said well we can do !!! So while he was on hubby said anyway can we have a 2nd opinion he said of course you can,so had my scan but last time he did my whole spine but this time just did head and neck !!! This neuro baffles me in the mean time my GP did a more thorough exam than neuro did,one interesting thing was my GP asked me to stand and close my eyes and I fell backwards twice and doc had to grab me and apparently it was a positive Rombergs test,didn’t know what it was so looked it up when I got home.

All I want to know really is that have I got a neurological problem or not,or is it my disc problems in my spine.

So maybe I might find out one day folks eh !!!

I wish everybody In limbo that they find out soon what is wrong because it’s an awful place to be and keep getting no answers.

Take care all love Chris xxxxxx