update from doctors

Well just got a text from doctors. I have been chasing hospital appointment after MRI on the 16 may,

That is what it said in short.

I have finally got through to the secretary at xyz hospital.
She will speak to xyz doctor to see what her plans are.
I cannot do anymore but you can chase yourself on xyz number.

do sure where this leaves me really.

Part of me just wants to hide my head in the sand now. I am really fine, I know i have demeyilation on and around the TN nerve and in other areas.
But I am feeling fine now, face numbness 95 % gone.

But if it is MS at 57 I would like to start treatment.

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Keep pushing! You’ve got this far and they’re not suddenly going to go all proactive on you. The best bit is you now have a target and a number.

I find that asking things and finishing off with “if I’ve not heard back from you by xyz I’ll call for an update” works well.

I tend to agree, if you make it easier to help you out than to ignore you…
I totally understand the finite resources thing but if delays cause you more lifelong damage, kick up a fuss, who knows you may end up saving the NHS some money in the long term. You don’t need to be rude just persistent.

Thank you both. I will keep pushing it not in my nature not too.