update after neuro visit


Well after much worry saw my neurologist again, fully expecting a diagnosis of at least probable MS based on the lesions in my mri. But we are at a “strong possibility of MS” and booked in for a lumbar puncture. Apparently the lesions were identical in both scans (one month apart) so he doesnt think its too aggressive and we can wait til lumbar puncture results before deciding on possible treatment options. I have a few lesions in my brain and possibly one in my spinal cord. I am not sure if his relaxed approach to these was based on where they are in my brain - it was all so quick I only thought about asking that afterwards! Or just that there were no new ones/ changes.

And I do have a meningioma but he thinks it has been there for years as my brain has grown round it and not been pushed out of the way. But the good side of this is that I get another MRI at 3 months and then annually.

I think the plan is to wait and see unless either the lumbar puncture is positive, or the next MRI shows more new lesions, or I have another set of symptoms in which case I would be eligible for DMDs.

I feel a mix of in limbo and OK, I think because I was braced to expect the worst!

thanks for all your help and support. Going to have big glass of wine now xx

Enjoy your wine, you have had a long wait! Glad it went as well as could for you today. Hope the next stage doesn’t drag too much. At least now your heading in the right direction! Let us know how things progress? Take care Laura x

Hope the glass of wine went down well :slight_smile:

Good news about the meningioma :slight_smile:

A “strong possibility of MS” is the same as “probable MS” in my book - it’s just wording after all. So I guess you are exactly where you thought you would be. Which isn’t the comfiest of places unfortunately, but at least you know that you have more tests ahead and that the neuro is interested in your case enough to be talking about the future.

Karen x


Thanks both. Yes, my neurologist sounds a lot better than many that people have written about - he is also the local MS expert. I am blessed with a great GP too, who of course we have seen a lot of over the last couple of years with my daughter so feel he is really on side.

Interestingly he said that he referred me so speedily as he had recently been on a update and the speaker there had said about the importance of an early diagnosis.

So, it could be worse, at least at the moment. And the wine was great!! :slight_smile:

Have no idea when the lumbar puncture will be - didn’t sound like it would be that speedy, so just a case of trying to ignore it and get on xx