Unemployed and disabled

Ok, i lost my job due to an unforseen exceptional circumstance. My previous employer can dress it up anyway that want but my role vanished as my role as a software tester was made redundant. My previous employer says nothing to do with my work, in fact my manager then went on to say she would happily recommend me as a tester. My job was with a consultancy and it was the client looking to reduce the number of contractors. My gripe is i was 1 year 10 months with them before they let me go. 2 years and there is emoyment law to protect you. As it is no protection so no redundancy payment. Was this legal? Reason i ask i remember my boss saying “sorry the deision was taken 6 months ago to let you go”. Great so i get laid off with no redundancy at the quite time for my work…merry christmas it sure as hel wont be

Was it legal? Yes
Was it nice? No
Was it fair? We don’t know.

The timing sounds like it was connected with the consultancy’s contract with its client rather than targeting you. Good luck in your search for the next one.

Cheers, i agree it was legal (under 2 years no protection)so no redundancy payment. Am just a wee bit fecked off as, and i hope to god i am wrong, it will be the new financial year before work picks up

Are you on LinkedIn Paul? strange question I know but I am a LinkedIn trainer / Coach. I am happy to help you with your profile to help you find a new role.

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Yes i am on linkedin. Just as Paul McGaw any help would be greatly appreciated

sent you a connection request

Cheers, i have accepted