Well I have just left the doctors in tears again, but this time tears off joy . I have just changed doctors and had my first appointment, has we sat chatting I saw he was ready to give me a prescription for antidepressants and arranged blood tests .wow this old chestnut again been on this trail for about 20 years .then he examined my legs and we talked again .he asked what I thought ,that was a nice surprise. I mention 3 possibilities, diabetes,fibromyalgia,ms .he said no to diabetes my blood sugar has always been fine .and suggested a appointment to the neourologist and then came the tears at last some one has listened to me .maybe I’m not going crazy and at last a journey to a different road .

Well done Dawn

I’m really glad for you that you are at least getting a referral to neurology.

Hopefully the wait for an appointment won’t be too long.


wonderful new doctor!!

hang onto him like grim death.

let us know the outcome

Hi Sssue thanks for reply this is the only place I feel comforted. I don’t mind waiting for my appointment I have had most symptoms for about 20 years now so a little longer won’t do any harm xxx

Hi catwomen thanks for your reply it means so much when people talk their time to talk .i will let you know how I get on xx