Undiagnosed as of yet

Hi all thank you for letting me join this group it has been an eye opener as I have thought I was going mad or turning into a crazy hypochondriac for the last three years when I look back at my life (I’m 48 now) I realise I have had several relapses from about the age of 22 which were passed off as either over doing things or a virus however for the past two years my health has taken a massive slide I cannot walk far without feeling exhausted and painful legs sleep is a luxury as I’m in so much pain my vision has deteriorated rapidly and I have weakness in all my

joints and muscles I struggle to find words when I’m talking and drop things all the time I’m currently waiting for an mri to be done on my spine but not on my brain I’ve seen several gps and they just look at you blankly and arrange for blood tests of which one came back last year as severely deficient in vitamin d to which I thought was the answer to all my problems however my symptoms are just getting worse even though the vitamin deficiency has been rectified what I’m asking is what should I be saying to my gp to get them to listen to me as I feel that two years of banging my head against the wall isn’t doing me any good I’m not a pushy person but I’m so tired of feeling ill all the time any advice on how to get my point across would be gratefully received thank you


You perhaps need to ask your doctor directly for a referral to a neurologist rather than asking the GP for an MRI?

If you were to write yourself a timeline of the symptoms you have experienced, including when symptoms began and how long they lasted, or whether any symptoms are ongoing.

If you can show the GP that your symptoms have a neurological basis, then a referral to a neurologist would be reasonable.

I don’t think you can assume, nor that it’s a good idea to say to your GP, that you think your symptoms could be caused by MS, or in fact any other particular diagnosis. Merely that you believe the symptoms have a neurological cause.

Best of luck.