understanding the differance

What is the difference between Relapsing MS and Primary Progressive MS ?

You don’t generally get relapses but the condition progresses over time is my rough understanding. I’ve pushed for steroids a few times as they have helped with some issues - but there’s never a complete recovery. I think that’s the general gist of it.

Sonia x

Have a look at There are separate links to each type of MS.

Essentially, as Sonia says, with relapsing remitting MS, the disease is characterised by periods of relapsing followed by partial or complete remission. With progressive MS (secondary and primary) there are usually no periods of relapse and remission, just straightforward progression. This can happen slowly over a lot of years, or quite quickly.


Thank You. I have been trying to get the doctors to explain the difference, and have never even got a half answer, My daughter must have progressive and it has happened rapidly. In less than 5 years she went from a cane to a walker in less than 6 months, than the walker was about the same amount of time to wheelchair. It was about a year when she could not control her arms to use the wheelchair. I got her a electric wheelchair. I would think that qualifies as Progressive MS. Thank You again for the link ​ Satir