tysabri thoughts?

I was diagnosed a the beginning of the year. My consultant thought I should start on tysabri straight away as my ms was highly active. Ive now had 4 infusions and since my last one I just feel so down I just wana sit and cry all day as well as really bad nausea anyone else hac this? Not sure what I should do.



I’m sorry you’re feeling down. Have you got people you can talk to about how you feel? Don’t bottle it up & keep it to yourself, as you need support. It might be worth asking your GP to refer you for counselling, to help you process your diagnosis. It’s a huge thing to have to deal with, and all sorts of emotions could come up. This could be the reason you feel so down, rather than the Tysabri. But speak to your MS nurse or neurologist too, to see what they think.

And come on here as much as you need to, if you think that will help to give you support - many of us have gone through the same feelings as you.

Take good care of yourself.


Hello, sorry ya not feeling so good at the moment

I have been on Tysabri for 6 years now. And for me

its given me my life back. With no progression and some

of my brain lesions have reduced in size too. I am JC virus

possitive with high levels of antibodies. Yeap my risks are

high for the dreaded PML but for me its a gamble i willing

to take.

With regards to your problems… You should have been given a

card on starting Tysabri? With contact details if you had any converns?

Please , if you didnt get this, contact your infusion nurse or MS nurse.

Don’t suffer in silence and worry… That what they there for!

Good Luck with all and Best Wishes Sarah xx

Ps! You are newly DX… Just this year and straight on Tysabri… Wow! Lots to take in and digest there

Is no wonder all of a sudden all has hit you… Talk to someone please… Don’t go thro this alone. You are

only human after all. Took me ages to be able to say "right!! Leant all i need know bout MS. And now its time

to get on with it all and live my life". Huge changes and we all need adapt in our own way and own time.

You will get there! Honest!! Talk to those who are there for all your worries and concerns… Hope ya feel brighter

soon … Sarah xxxx