Tysabri or Gilenya

Hi, Its been a while, 40 odd weeks apparently?! Been going thrpugh a retty rough time with all this MS stuff. I have been on rebif for over 12 months now. I’ve had two definte relapses, possibly another two on top. One of which i still haven’t recovered from since it struck me down mid july. I’m currently awaiting an appointment to discuss my DMT. I’ve been given a heads up that i’ll be offered Tysabri or Gilenya. I’m not sure what to do :-/ Been diagnosed since last summer, I’m 26, getting married next year. Just feel like the rug’s been pulled out from underneath me. Cheers, Suz

I am sorry that you are having relapses despite the Rebif. That is very disappointing, and it is bad luck that you have to think again about DMD choice when you have had so little time to adjust to having MS in the first place.

My own approach has always been to get a clear steer from the neurologist about what he/she thinks is the best option for me, given my circumstances. That way, at least you know where you stand and you are in teh best position to make an informed decision about what to do next.

The position you find yourself in is a bit different to when you were offered a first line DMD and invited to choose which you wanted - the first line drugs are all much of a muchness in terms both of risks and benefits. It’s a different matter when you have to start thinking about more potent alternatives - that’s where your neurologist’s professional judgement comes in.

Try not to stress out too much (easy to say, I know). I would suggest doing a bit of reading up on the drugs and going into the consultation with an open mind and with your questions at the ready.

Good luck with it all.




Sorry that you’re hoping a hard time.If I were you,I would ask your neurologist for his opinion on which treatment to go for.

I believe that Tysabri is more effective than Gilenya.I don’t have any experience of Tysabri.

I’ve been prescribed Gilenya and have been taking it since September 2011.I’m doing well.I’ve had a few new symptoms,but they weren’t classed as relapses.If you have any questions about Gilenya,please feel free to ask.

It’s so easy taking a tablet every day.

www.gilenya.com might be of interest to you.

Take care,Brenda x