tysabri infusion withdrawal/ side affects

Had my second tysabri infusion yesterday was ill after first one couldnt eat for weeks was sick if i did ive had stages whr i feel like im dying since yesterday the only thing that makes me better when ive got like this is my bf giving me weed to smoke then im fine again how long will this last afyer infusions im hoping im not ill after infisions forever my ms is very active so dont want to give up tysabri i

When you go for your infusion the infusion nurses should ask you if you felt unwell since your last visit. They shouldn’t release you if you feel unwell. You should let your MS nurse know asap. as this doesn’t sound right. I am a 4 year Tysabri veteran.I hope you feel better soon. Peter.

Thanks ive been relapsing since before first infusion so theu werent comcerned when they asked hopefully will end soon its been ages now