Tysabri - a question

I've been on Tysabri since September 2011. I don't feel any improvement in how I feel generally as such but have not any relapses. So that's a good thing. I have heard that you only get it for two years, is this correct? If so, what happens after that? I'm confused.

I started Tysabri last month and was told in two years I would have to re-consent. I think this maybe where the confusion lays as I have seen people asking this question on here before. Speak to your MS nurse at your next infusion to clarify things for you.xxjo

I have had nearly 50 infusions so don't worry.


I'm going on Thursday for my 45th infusion I did have to re-consent after 2 years but for me that was nothing I was worried I might have to come off it but my neuro told me that would be my choice I was glad to here that cause before I started Tysabri I was having back to back disabling relapses about every 4 or 5 weeks I ended up in a wheelchair with only the use of my left hand.

I've never had a relapse since I started Tysabri and thats great but I'm out of a wheelchair and living an almost normal life again.


Oh and I see the big pharm and drugs don't work anonymous group have had to have there say! it really puts people off thank god I never listen to them it would scare me to think where I'd be today if I did.

Report it. I’m going to - do they think we are stupid? In 09/10 we were bombarded with YouTube clip links nearly ever day. I can’t watch them, but I’m tired of being told that I’m taking rubbish and that it’s not working.
No, I’m not tired I’m 51, hormonal and ANGRY. So there you anons. We know. We know the risks and we have the type of MS that responds to the DMDs and Tysabri and we’re all grateful.
Go Away.

Well said I did click on the link and after a few seconds I herd enough I’d just like to see someone in a wheelchair unable to care for themselves and just feel whats the point in living say that DMDs don’t work they worked for me and thats all I need to know I know the risks and did from day one I always said If I could have a few months like this I’d be happy spending my life the way I was before I’d wish that on no one.

I’d have more then a few choice words to say but I cant on here I’d get band and people like that are not going to make me do that.


This abuse of the anon facility - Are they 'anon' to the moderators?  - lt would be a shame to stop this facility as there are quite a few people who genuinely need to use it - but to abuse it is quite deplorable.