Type 3 oligoclonal bands?

Hi - just wondering what ‘type 3 oligoclonal bands’ means from a lumbar puncture - And if it’s indictative of MS?
My symptoms have been optic neuritis in both eyes (18 months apart) and numbness down left arm and side. Left hand still tingles and I feel like I ‘buzz’. MRI found lesions at top of spine and a possible lesion on brain .
Neurologist has just sent a letter with results of lumbar puncture… No follow up appointment or anything… Just wondering if anyone has had a similar outcome or can tell me what this means!
One neurologist has said MS, another is a little more non-committal…

Hi Locko

When I had my first diagnosis in the early '90s oligoclonal banding was deemed the only real indicator of MS (as my neurologist told me). It basically demonstrates that you have proteins in your spinal fluid that shouldn’t be there and indicates that your body is attacking your own nervous system.

Now this was my understanding then and you may get ar more accurate definitions but I just took it as a strong indicator that my symptoms were coming from MS and not another factor.

Hope this helps

Yes that’s really helpful - thank you!
Thanks for responding to my first post too! It’s all a little daunting but pleased that some answers are coming through. My biggest issue seems to optic neuritis. Thanks again!