Twins and MS (will we both get PPMS or RRMS}

Hi all,

IV recently been diagnosed with MS… my identical twin is showing no symptoms or anything. IV been reading literature and it appears from a paper that there is. A 9-25% chance they could get it.

Does anyone have experience with this and I’m very interested to know if I have PPMS would they be diagnosed with PPMS too or could it be RRMS?


Hello (again)

Identical twins have been studied in relation to MS just as with other diseases where a genetic element is related to their development.

This is the relevant page from the MS Trust: Risk of developing MS | MS Trust It shows that your identical twin has a 1 in 5 chance of developing MS at some point. I don’t think RRMS or PPMS is necessarily going to match if he does get MS.

It must worry you both.