Tripping and falling and not sleeping

Morning ppl up with the birds again

Ok last night i went to our local club for a drink and a game of pool 2pints in i walked round the table and boom i hit the deck (no face plant though)now i know about drop foot as ive had it before but i was aware of it then this came out of the blue i felt a right ponker but there were some good friends around to help me up and make light of the situation this aso happened in the street about 2 months ago as for the not sleeping i think thats the weather
Has anyone else encountered this problem before

Hi ,a heavy left leg, closely followed by foot drop were my fist signs of PPMS.

Have you seen a neuro yet?

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Unfortunately i have secondary progressive ms
So yes but thanks for the concern and advice

Hi Stupot33,
I have just been diagnosed with SPMS and I have the same issue. Im always up before the birds, although I do go to bed early around 8;30-9 as I’m always shattered.
I also have foot drop in my right leg and I’ve also fallen a few times, I say fallen, but with me its like I trip over my own foot? The foot stops but the body keeps going forward :grinning:

I must admit I have always loved early mornings and the bird song (dawn chorus) so I don’t mind this bit. First thing I do is get wrapped in my dressing gown and blanket and open the back doors to the garden, whatever the weather and enjoy the sounds.

Do you mind me asking, when you were diagnosed and what stage you are at health/mobility wise?

The best solution to drop foot I have found is the remarkable FES. Worth checking out, assuming you haven’t already.

Functional electrical stimulation (FES) | MS Trust