Trigeminal neuralgia


Looking for some advice from anyone dealing with trigeminal neuralgia. Due to see my Neuro next month as latest MRI showed new lesions after being pretty stable for a number of years. I know the standard medication is carbamazepine for trigeminal neuralgia which I haven’t been prescribed yet, but I just wondered if anyone had any success with any other treatment or medication that I could try in the meantime?

Many thanks

Your GP might be happy to prescribe Carbamazepine in the meantime…mine did. There are a few things you can’t take with it - I was on Sertraline for anxiety and had to stop that to take Carbamazepine. It did help but takes a while to build up so def ask your GP before you see neuro. If you have an MS nurse, he/she may be happy to prescribe, or to email your GP. I sympathise, it is the worst pain I have ever experienced xx

Hi Vicky,
TN is the worst! Carbamazepine keeps it at bay for me, 300mg a day until, six weeks after my covid second jab, I had such bad attacks I had to increase to 1500mg. I also pop a 10mg Baclofen which I was taking in the early days of TN, before it laid me out on the floor screaming.
I know it works so I don’t want to switch and risk any of that pain ever again!
I also keep a diary of attacks and meds which my neurologist finds helpful.
Good luck! Let me know how it goes.

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It was the worst pain I have ever had - by Gavin Giovannoni (