Treatment, stressed, how to say it right?

Hi all, went to hospital yesterday for 1st course of intravenous steroids, left with awful headache, back again today at 9am for another dose. When I’ve had these before, about 3-4 days later, I am in terrible dicomfort, my body feels, when you have an exposed nerve in you tooth, and every time it’s touched, it’s like 1,000’s of pins being stuck in? I’m hoping that doesn’t happen again! However if steroids work, it’s worth the discomfort for a few days. Also been of work since Sept, under occupational health etc. The OH and my doctor want me back in work ASAP, I can’t walk very far, minimal tasks wear me out, and generally don’t feel like I can cope physically or mentally, however I am not in a position to just leave without anything. A friend of mine says I should be straight, and say I want ill health retirement, but I can’t, not brave enough. My doctor is very young, and on my sick notes he writes depression, which I have suffered with, his attitude is, if I wasn’t depressed(because of MS)my MS would be ok?? And I don’t say anything to him, he is wrong I know this, but can’t say it out loud! Silly I know, as the depression is a direct result of my symptons worsening

Is there anyone out there having/had the same problems, and can give me some advice please. Thank you

(ms for 17 yrs, married, 3 girls, 1 grandson and I’m 47)

Also when I get to ward yesterday, they have an old set of notes, a the GP they had down I haven’t been with hin for 12 years, phoe numbers, address etc all wrong, but when I saw MS nurse a week ago, they had my up to date notes, why would I have 2 files, surely this must be bad as they don’t know I have attended hospital lots of times, as it’s in the other set of notes? I did explain, but they said don’t worry about it haha

Hi Shellie. I havent experienced steroid treatment so I cant help on that but more generally, and with apologies if this sounds a pushy: has your Dr given you anything for depression? MS can make me extremely anxious and thus its very hard to think straight and find a way forward. My GP is very supportive at such times and gave me a course of ‘Citalopram’ which helps clear the anxiety and gives space to reflect on things.

Your dont say whether or not you have explored the options for ill health retirement i.e got the facts and figures of what would be available to you. I am no expert but I think that disability laws do require employers to make all reasonable adjustments to enable you to continue at work if you so wished e.g reduced hours, flexible hours, changed duties. I think that if I was you I would get some citalopram and give myself a bit of space and time to gather as much information as possible on all possible options and talk it through with friends and family