Wondering if anyone has any issues with British Airways and flying? Im just going to copy and paste what I have just sent them as I am still quite shocked…

What I would quite like BA is to know why when I went to manage my booking for next year, I discover the internal flight cancelled but BA had not bothered to email or call to advise me! I then go onto the SkyWest ( Internal flights airline) and discover the flight is still showing… And then I am to call an expensive 0844 number to sort a problem I had to discover on my own… This all followed my seating and accessibility requirements not being met. Advised I would have to be on lower deck as I use a stick due to MS, to call to sort when I had booked and when I call I discover at this point there is no Premium Economy on lower deck no alternative was offered… but help getting up and down the stairs… When I email complaints I get a standard email reply saying you are sorry that I am not happy with my seat! NO you told me I could not go on upper deck and your probably right I would struggle… But when booking it does not tell you seating areas. Im booking Premium Economy as its a big trip on my own as a disabled person, to see my best friend who moved out to Santa Barbara., I wanted to be comfy and have extra room. I chose BA over all other airlines because when I first called I was reassured about my accessibility needs and that I could sort internal flight with you as well. Needless to say I am at this moment ordering If I have made a mistake.

I have emailed complaint and posted on their Facebook page . This was Holiday to be see best friend have been so excited and nerous about going on my own to USA and to discover cancellation, purley by chance whilst going into booking to make a complaint about an early issue with seatin and my disabily has left me feeling exhuasted…

Im so sorry if this is a rant but im angry and frustrated that I may have to start all over with this booking.

used BA a few times when going to las vegas and never had a problem with them to be honest but thats not to say problems dont happen. i use a stick due to walking problems and the staff have always been helpfull. have always went the cheapest seats and have had more than enough leg room.