Transverse mylitis


2016 I was diagnosed with ppms. My neuro also said I had my!itis on my spinal cord, he didn’t use the word transverse. He showed my the MRI and it did not go across the cord but down the side. As many of my symptoms are bilateral I’m wondering how this could be and also was my neuro referring to mylitis as a lesions which he said I have.

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks christine

Hi C

I had a look on the web…

The term myelitis refers to inflammation of the spinal cord; transverse simply describes the position of the inflammation, that is, across the width of the spinal cord.

I had transverse myelitis in my both my arms. The lesion at first was about 90 % across the spinal cord on MRI, now several years later it has reduced to about 60% across. Healing a little but I still have some weakness in both my arms.

May be your lesion was like mine and has healed a little? But you still have symptoms.

Yes maybe it has healed a little… the weakness in arms and legs have always been biletersl.i read so many times that people describe their symptoms as been one sided and I think that’s not me and I start to question everything.