Tory backtrack on PIP.

sorry it should say since assessment i am catherterised daily

I can’t recommend you join the online Benifit and Works, more highly, it is £20 but there are offers on but it is definatly worth the fee;;

If you read their guides and if you need ask questions on the forum.

They have moved the goal posts on the mobility qualifying criteria, which could be the cause of why you have lost the mobility component.

They will help you interprit the questions which can be difficult if not ambiguous.

Good luck.



Hi Kerry

I too would advise you to join

There are guides on making claims, and also on how to get reconsideration and appeals going and what info will help.

The fact of using catheters of not relevant to the mobility part of PIP. Basically, if you can walk 20 metres without resting and do it repeatedly, then you will be refused PIP for mobility. For DLA the distance was 50 metres.

Using ISC is relevant to the daily living part of PIP. This covers things like washing, dressing, toileting etc.

But have a look at the guides on Benefits and Work. There’s some basic info on the site that’s free, it’s the more detailed guides that you have to become a member for.

Otherwise have a look at the CAB information: Personal Independence Payment - Citizens Advice



this may be a typo by Sue but you can qualify for the mobility part of PIP by walking 50 metres but only at standard rate. You won’t qualify for motability but can be awarded for the mobility component. Sorry sue if that is what you meant.

My friend did not score any points as he can cathetise independently so zero for toilet needs. A reconsideration agreed


Sorry, yes that’s right. Standard rate if you can walk 20-50 metres. I got stuck on the motability car issue. And didn’t think about standard rate. Oops


That’s absurd (the part in bold) and it just highlights the inconsistency of using the current system of random assessors! I work full time and could count on the fingers of one hand the number of days I’ve been off sick in the last 5 years and I received both enhanced rates of PIP!