Toppling over?

Do you guys topple over to one side?

I sometimes stumble to one side, but it only happens when I have numb feet. Lorna

I don’t, personally, although my balance is not too hot. Balance problems are common with MS - IF that’s what it is, as you don’t say anything about your circumstances, or where you are with tests or investigations.

But MS is a hugely variable illness - almost like an individual disease for each person.

If you ask: “Do you have balance problems?”, many people will probably answer yes.

But if you ask something very specific, like: “Do you topple over to one side?” you may find hardly anyone says yes, because their balance problems don’t take that exact form.

So yes, my balance is dodgy, but no, I’ve never toppled over yet - to one side, or at all. I’m hesitant on slippery or uneven surfaces, and always hold the handrail on stairs.


Hi, sorry about not giving a brief history, I am 37 years old. Presentation was in aug 2012 one week after a car accident which neuro’s believe unrelated but I think otherwise lol. Presented with what I now know was left sided wweakness, tremor. more so of my left arm, felt exhausted, like I was coming down with the flu but no fever. Couldn’t hold a fork, dropping, spilling everything, spent most of my time in bed. Symptoms were severe for about 3 weeks then suddenly got better though my finger dexterity along with other things is not the same. At this time, in Aug, my PCP referred me to a neuro. In january my facial expression changed very slightly. my smile is not the same. All neuro’s say is that it is part of my left sided weakness. Since august I have learned to take it easy, rest when I am tired and not push it if you know what I mean. i have made life changes adapting to my capabilities as i have not been the same as i was before. Avoid stairs, have alot of kitchen aids. In jjanuary I started with hoarseness, tireing from chewing. At this time neuro referred me to neuromuscular specialist at USC. NMS says I am a very complicated case. possible MS, MG (Myasthenia Gravis) or Myopathy it could even be combo. Lucky me lol. uncertain of diagnosis at this time. had a bad three weeks this past month where I coughed and choked everytime I ate or drank something or talked. I was also urinating and farting alot along with the coughing- choking. once again symptoms left as suddenly as they appeared just leaving residual effects. after this episode my NMS gave me mestinon and it seems to help my hoarseness but that’s about it. I only take it when my voice is really bad. I have been toppling over to my right side alot this week, which is new for me and thought to ask about it, hence my question. Test results are as follows: MRI’s of the head, c spine, t spine, L spine were pretty much normal except for three small lesions in brain. NMS said she would not diagnose MS at this time. note: at this time lol. Normal nerve conduction. Borderline EMG, NMS says results could be due to weakness but wants to have a muscle biopsy done to rule out any myopathy. Lumbar puncture found oligoclonal banding, three to be exact along with rare lymphocytes in CSF. I have had countless blood test for pretty much everything in the book as I am certain many of you have, human pin cushion us lol. I have a Vit D deficiency, brisk reflexes, bad balance, blurred vision. Other than that all other testing normal. Myasthenia Gravis antibody blood tests were negative but NMS says I could be seronegative MG. learning to laugh about it, adapt and live regardless. A diagnosis doesn’t matter as much as it did a year ago. Thanks for your time.

Well you’ve certainly been through it! A friend of mine has possible MG too. At one point if I didn’t concentrate I would lean over to one side and eventually topple. This has passed now, but my symptoms change all the time. A magical mystery tour of symptoms!