hey all! hope everyone is well! i mentioned to my neuro that i had more headaches lately, and he prescribed topiramate( 25mg) .
it sounds a bit scary and im always really careful about what i take, so if anyone has any experience id be more than welcome!

many thanks sue xx

Hi Sue,

I hope you are well.

I have suffered from terrible migraines for a number of years. Severeral months ago my neuro prescribed Topiramate to me and started me on 25mg twice a day and gradually built up the dose to 100mg per day.

I also have a Sumatriptan on prescription for acute episodes.

Recentley my migraines got worse so the dose was increased to 200mg per day and he has mentioned again yesterday about increasing in still more.

I too, like you am always very weary about taking pills but have found these a real help and have had no ill side effects.

I hope this helps


many thanks for the reply! i wouldnt call my headaches migraines and i dont have them that often so im a bit confused about why i have them… ive been reading up on the tablets and one page i read said it calms your nerves in your brain so messages can travel along nerves easier…i could definitely use that lol
sue x