Hi all has anyone tried Topamax? If so are they any good, I’ve been prescribe these instead of Pregabalin.

thanks Deborah

Hi Deborah, yes I tried them a few years ago. Was prescribed them instead of Pregabalin (which caused me problems) & I was keen to try them as says you can LOSE weight on them!

Unfortunately it didn’t work. I felt dreadful on them. My tinnitus went through the roof and my head felt so fuzzy…like there was pressure in my brain. Felt like a zombie. I only stayed on them a week or two as felt so dreadful.

However that doesn’t mean they won’t work for you. I tend to have a strong reaction to everything (I’ve tried them all and can only tolerate Amitriptyline) …so you should give them a go. Be interested to know how they are for you.

Pat xx

Hi Pat

Well consultant sent an email over with a prescription for Topamax to my doctor, he signed it and my husband picked it up from the chemist, so will reduce the Pregabalin as told and start with a low dosage of Topamax so will see how I do, I do hope I can tolerate them. Deborah X


lts worth googling Topamax - it is prescribed for epilepsy - migraines. And because it is also good for weight loss - look up Topamax and Weight loss. Dose seems to start a 25mg and gradually builds up to 100mg.

Odd how many of the drugs that GP’s prescribe for MS are for epilepsy.