tonsils question

have you had your tonsils out or suffered with infections

Hi, had my tonsils out when I was about 7.

Why are you asking?

luv Pollx

Hi, I’m a freak of nature. Born without tonsils. Whenever a doctor looks in my throat they ask when I had my tonsils out… I never did.

However I did often used to get infection on the ‘stumps’. Quite often they would be painful and my glands swollen… but I stopped getting it years ago.

As Poll says, why do you ask? Got us interested now!

Pat x

wondered if infections i had were a cause

Hi Joy, there’s no evidence of particular infections causing MS, although it is thought that a virus or infection might have something to do with it. Probably a combination of things.

Infection of your tonsils is more likely to be an effect I think, being that MS causes the immune system to be compromised. With some MSers it means never getting a virus or infection, for others it means always getting something.

Unfortunately at moment they still don’t know the cause of MS.

Hope this helps,

Pat x

Hello, I had tonsillitis an awful lot as a child, I didn’t ever have them removed as suddenly it stopped in my early teens. I have often wondered if regular antibiotics at a young age affected my long term health issues in any way. Be so good to know more, wouldn’t it? I devour so much MS information, it can lift my mood tremendously to read of all the upcoming possibilities, especially in the SP and PP areas…sadly within just a few minutes I’ve forgotten what it was I read! Oh dear, happy days! Just had two glorious days with my son and grandchildren, can’t remember when I last had two consecutive days with them when I haven’t had to spend at least one of them in bed…mega wiped out but happy.

I had terrible tonsillitis with glandular fever and the Epstein Barr virus has been linked with MS. This is the cause of GF. Teresa xx

Hi l had my tonsils out at 15, had years of tonsillitis as a child my dad used to say when ever we where going away for a holiday l would get it.

regards Jan