Toilet Improvements

Hi, I believe I have something called Interstitial Cystitis (IC). It seemed to peak last year when I was so sore that it would take ages for wee to come out. I refused to let the Urologist do a Cystoscopy and Hydrodistension (hope I’ve spelled that right) - to me, if the lining of your bladder is red raw, stretching it isn’t going to do it much good, plus his only solution to my problem was to try various prescription drugs and see what happened. Instead, I chose to treat myself with diet. This year I’m much improved but I still have flare ups depending on what I eat, in particular green veg. However, I’ve found that if I sway from side to side when I’m on the toilet, it encourages the wee to come out, and if I keep leaning over to the right when I’m having a wee, then the wee comes out normally and I can empty my bladder fully. It means that I can go longer between wees. I assume that by swaying and leaning, I’m squeezing the wee out of my bladder. I thought I’d share this, even though it’s an embarrassing subject. Last year, my neuro and GP wanted me to go on long term antibiotics and start using a catheter, even though I didn’t get infections and wasn’t retaining wee. My problems were’t down to MS and I’ve had to research IC myself and devise my own recovery programme, but it’s working. My problems started after the birth of my second child in 2003. I had a caesarean, which involved a catheter which could have irritated my bladder lining, but also I was very ill during that pregnancy and for a few months all I could keep down was Coca Cola. All that citric acid could also have caused damage to my bladder lining. After the birth, I went back to eating normally, but it was like getting lemon juice in a cut and I was in constant discomfort. I wasn’t giving my bladder lining chance to heal so things just got worse, and of course, no one believed me when I said I got bad cystitis after eating certain foods. Most medical bods aren’t trained up in IC. I’ve rambled on here - apologies - I hope this post will benefit someone. Heather

Hi Heather, no need to feel embarrassed discussing bladder (or even bowel) problems here, as the majority of us know just what you mean!

It does sound so very sore and uncomfortable for you.

I know cranberry juice/supplements can help with utis, but not sure if it can help with CI.

I once heard someone say putting natural yogurt around the area is soothing.

I`ve stopped drinking anything with caffeine in, as that irritates the bladder…guess you already know that, eh?

I have to lean forward on the loo, to try to get a fuller emptying, but I am retaining…I know that due to the strong smell and the urgency.

Next month I`m having an spc fitted, as my mobility is nil and getting on the loo in time, is knackering me!

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