To PIP Or not?

Hi all, I had my dx over 3 years ago. I’m currently thinking of claiming PIP as I’ve slowly gotten worse. I need more help with cooking after my last relapse has left my right hand numb. I’ve burnt myself numerous times now. I stumble about walking ………falling over my own shadow several times :frowning: After reading posts on here though I’m wondering if it’s worth the hassle and stress that seems to go with it Any advice appreciated

Yes of course apply, you have nothing to lose. Get the forms, fill them in, send them away and wait and see, if you’re turned down you can take it from there then. Good luck. Cheryl:-)

You definitely need to apply, although I have been turned down, I have asked for a reconsideration. Dont be put off applying but just remember when completing the forms to be quite explicit when telling DWP about how your condition affects you. I*m learning from my mistakes!! I Never put enough information on my form and never explained it too well at the assessment, but now I have support from my Local Council, welfare rights person and lots of evidence from Neuro, GP and Ophthamologist. Finally, dont see it as a hassle and, try to get help from someone else, who can be more objective than yourself. After all you are applying for something that you are entitled to

Good Luck

Izzy xx

Hi, yes, yes, and yes again! Do apply. The forms can seem daunting, but get someone to help you fill them in, like CAB or other disability agencies.

Please dont be put off should your claim be unsuccessful…the DWP have a habit of doing that, but appeals are more than likely to win…as it did for me when i needed more help.

Good luck.