To have or not, DMDs

Hello fellow MSrs,

Not been on here for ages. I was getting that way that i could not type on my PC. Any way the thing is that my MS has been getting worse. Fell backwards from the top of my stairs, got taken out by ambulance and spent a week in hospital due to # skull and dislocated shoulder and friction burns. Cut off the top of my toe due to poor feeling. Got stuck in the bath(Least said the better on that one). My neuro doc thinks it would be a good idea to start on DMDs. Injecting myself every other day. I,m not soft, the injection bit is ok, its just the side effects have got me worried.I know its only me that can decide, but if one of you guys can just give me a talking to, im sure it will help me to feel better.


Hi there, You may wish to go on EL or Just Diagnosed as this is the forum for PPMS and we do not ever use DMDs as they are ineffective for PPMS. Therefore, we are not terribly knowledgeable about DMDs on here. Teresa xx