Tizanidine Any experiences?

So my consultant has suggested I now take this as baclofen didn’t help. Just wondered if anyone had any experience with it good or bad? Really hoping it helps as spasms in legs have got really bad


Hi Loola , i tried tizanidine a number of years ago and i lasted about a month before i gave up . It did work on spasms , but it was the side effects that did for me . Within 10 mins of taking it , all the colour would drain from my face and i would go very grey . At the same time all moisture would go from my mouth and my tongue would stick to the roof of mouth and talking would be difficult , this would last for about 15 mins. I would also have to fight against falling asleep . I failed on 2 occasions at work and friends would gently wake me at my desk ( i had pre warned them about my new pills and possible side effects ). I called it a day when i fell asleep whilst eating my tea ( sorry im northern , should have said supper ! ) My wife and teenage kids said i looked like i was slowly dying .

I’m sorry to give such a grim tale and hope it works better for you .


Hello Loola My legs stiffen up in bed and I get serious cramps when I have to jump up. Been on Tizanadine since 10/10/11 is that nearly 9 years Take at night, 1030 or 11pm first 2 mg tablet wake up at about 1200 then take another etc, etc, take last one at about 0730am and get up at 0900 hrs after a fantastic nights sleep. Normally take 6 x 2mg per night, they do send you to sleep Do not take during day as move about and do not need them No side effects Fantastic love them so will you Bertie

Tizanadine sent my liver function levels into hyper space.

I think “normal” liver function ALT levels are <41, mine hit >378 in just a month or so.

Are you taking the Tizanadine for night time stiffness/spasm ?

I also tried Clonazapam, which didnt effect my liver function but did help with jerky legs and sleeping.

I also take 20mg of Baclofen in the mornings to try and get a bit of movement, if I’m honest I see no great improvement, but keep taking them out of habit more than anything else.

I also have Sativex at hand, which again, in my opinion, I feel is NOT the wonder drug for MS that its sometimes made out to be.

Everyone though reacts differently when it comes to drugs.