Through floor lift & ceiling hoist

I have a Harmony series 2 through floor lift and a ceiling hoist which i no longer need only a few years old. Iam not selling just want to be able to give it to someone who can benefit from them. As people know this is expensive and unaffordable for most people that need them. Please give this the widest distribution If i cant get rid of it i will have to bin it.

Hi, I was the only one who replied to your previous post re this. Oh I do think it a great shame that noone else has replied. It could be because these items really need to be bespoke.

.Just to help anyone who may be wondering if it could be for them.

I have 2 ceiling track hoists. Yes, they were made to fit my rooms, but the hoist unit is probably re-usable, even if the track isn’t.

As for the lift, I daresay it will need re-jigging.

But with the help of a good DIYer, or an electrician, I think it is doable.

Please guys, if your mobility is poor or non existent , do consider this kind offer.


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Hi, I think that you are a very good person to be offering this for free , any good lift installer should be able to help install it in a new place.

I puposly bought a bungalow as the cost of these lifts were horrendous. So come on all you people out there take up this very generous offer.