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just interested in some ‘real world’ thoughts.

lumbar MRI identified area of inflammtion, several weeks later i had a full brain and spine MRI which found no lesions and the inflammation on the original MRI had all but disappeared. LP and bloods taken and no results yet. Symptom is numbness to left foot and altered sensation to left leg, which settled by the 2nd MRI but has started aching and a random discomfort in my left thigh.

opinions - if O bands are present should i expect to progress to MS at some point ?

tia for real life opinions


Hi Brian

Something like 95% of people with MS have Oligoclonal bands present in their cerebrospinal fluid. This is partly what the LP is looking for.

But you might be putting the cart before the horse a bit.

If the original inflammation seen on your spinal MRI was gone by the 2nd MRI and there were no lesions found, then I wouldn’t be expecting to find O bands in your CSF.

If you look at The McDonald Criteria uses primarily lesions and relapses to diagnose MS. So the presence of O bands without lesions wouldn’t be cause to suppose you have MS now.

I can’t tell you if some people have inflammation in their lumbar spine plus some symptoms, no lesions but O bands, who then go on to develop MS. I don’t think the evidence to support such a scenario exists.

But someone else may be able to give you more information.

Otherwise, it’s a case of wait until you get the results of the LP. It might be that you are worrying about something that’s not there. Do you know when you are likely to get your results?


Hi sue

thanks for your reply. I’m expecting the results imminently. I know the absence of lesions is promising and believe me it was very welcome news. I’m much less stressed than I was before but I’m intrigued about these o bands. Obviously I hope they’re not present and will take a huge sigh of relief if that is the case but I can’t help but consider that CIS with o bands would be an unwelcome combo. Predictably the neurologist speaks of risk and possibilities but I feel they’re sometimes blinded by working with this disease rather than being open to he reality of it. I’ve still got the horse very much at the front but I’m interested in what might be in the cart if you know what I mean :slight_smile:

hi steely

i love your remark about being interested in what might be in the cart!

carole x

The million $ question. I have been having a debate with myself. To push for info re the position of my lisions and to try to get more understanding of what my ‘cart’ may hold. On one side I recognise that the brain is a wird and wonderful thing, which is why drugs trials always has a control group on a persibo. So it’s sort of if I get that info am I making it more likly to get worse symptoms in those areas. On the other hand, when it comes to life decisions it would help to have something to help understand the level of risk of diffent issues happening.