This may be a controversial post.

Hi— First of all I will say by posting this it is not my intention to upset anybody or cause offence and I have had to post anon for obvious reasons as I do expect a bit of a backlash. I know of a person who is in receipt of indefinate DLA ( I have been told this by the person concerned so it is not hearsay ) and have a top of the range motability car. The person has RRMS which is being controlled by Tysabri. Unfortunately I do not feel that the person needs DLA and it could go to a person who needs the money more. The person I am talking about has several properties which are rented out,a very nice large house of their own, a very wealthy partner with a successful business and an insurance payout of a VERY substantial amount when the ms was diagnosed. I am not critiscising the fact that they have the properties, business and payout as that is all worked for and rightfully theirs. This person also is quite well in themselves, there really doesn’t seem to be any noticible mobility issues whenever I see them yet they are on top rate mobility and a slightly lower rate of care which again I don’t know how that is defined as the only thing I have been told by them is that they have to make a list of things they have to do as they forget sometimes!!! There are definitely no mental health issues and they go to a lot of parties and take foreign holidays at least twice a year. I know some people are going to say its none of my business but I just think ( and I have said to this person ) that there are people who need it more and who are genuinally struggling financially and the only answer I get is " I have paid into the system so I deserve it ". Well, I’m sorry but I don’t think they do deserve it and I’m quite shocked that they can just keep doing this. I have also said to them about reassessment by ATOS but they have told me that they will never get assessed because they are indefinate DLA. Is that correct as that Just makes more of a mockery of the situation? I have ms myself but I feel bad trying to claim anything as I can still walk 100 yards without my legs aching and although I suffer with different types of pain, I do take medication which supresses these so I do not feel I would get anything anyway. Again, I am sorry if this has upset anyone. Does anyone agree with me?

Hi Anon

DLA is not dependant on income so anybody can claim it, it is there to help with the costs incurred as a result of disability.

Should the person be awarded DLA? That is between them and the DWP.

If they are claiming the benefit fraudulently then I wouldn’t get involved. I personally think that as a nation we should pursue tax avoiders/evaders more vigorously than benefit cheats. It would be far more cost effective though benefit cheats are probably an easier target.

I would seriously consider applying for DLA yourself, you never know and it could be a big help to you.

Good Luck!


im on dla indeffinate for the mental illnesses i have, and after the in home assessment they did they gave me that decision, im yet to tell them i have ms which im doing soon, i would claim dla for yourself and i hope you get it as it will help alot, i know a couple of people that scam the dla but theres no way im getting involved but thats a personal choice though

I used to email a guy who worked as a fraud officer for DLA! He used to spend his days generally following people with cameras and investigating DLA claimants (made me nervous to be emailing him actually!) But he once had to film a woman as she walked her dogs - he was fit but he had trouble keeping up with her! Then he followed her into her workplace which involved a lot of walking up and down corridors etc.

I pointed out to him you ARE allowed to work and claim DLA and his reply to me was: “Yes you are BUT what she wrote on her original application is clearly not true. She had written how she couldn’t walk far, and yet I’ve followed her miles walking her dogs, then she walked miles at work.” and that was why they filmed her and got her in for questioning.

So unless her health has changed from what she wrote on her original DLA application, you’re not going to be able to judge her accurately.

I DO agree with Anne you should apply dor DLA yourself though - you sound like you need it (and may therefore get a leased motability car yourself?!) I know many people had a struggle to get their DLA though, so if you get turned down, appeal (it’s normal, I think?!) Take care of yourself, and good luck!

If the person mentioned is claiming anything which is means tested and they’ve got more than £16K,(I think it is), in savings,and they haven’t declared it then they are committing an offence.


Indefinite awards are not excluded from reassessment for PIP, so this person will be reassessed unless (I think) they are of pensionable age.


My advice to you and anyone else is ‘mind your own business.’ If the said person is committing an offence, the relevant authorities will deal with it. Us lot have MS, does that mean we should all be sitting in our own ‘waste’ all day.

Have you not got problems of your own to be concentrating on. There are literally a million diseases that could qualify one for DLA, some clearly visible, others not.

By going anon, you obviously do not have the courage of your convictions. I can only deduce that you were either very bored, and wanted some sort of challenge, or you are a bitter person who would be better off getting your own head straight before commenting on other peoples lives. To me the whole post smacks of jealousy.

Personally I feel it unbelievable that people recieve DLA and still work, but you fill out a form, are assessed and then a decision is made to your eligibility for the benefit. Like with all benefits, there will be a margin for error. No doubt there are a few who receive too much, but I am only concerned with those who do not receive enough.

For the record, all people on indefenite DLA will be re-assessed under the new PIP system, at the moment that will be sometime in 2016/2017.

I hope all people with MS get what is due them. My only advice is to fill out the forms honestly, but do not play it down. The facts are, is that we have a progressive condition, it does not get better, it gets worse. By that deduction surely all people with MS on indefenite DLA should have no problem in getting the higher rates of PIP. But as has been shown by the ESA fiasco, things never seem to work out quite as they should.

I am disappointed that the MS Society has not lobbied for an exemption for those of us on indefenite DLA for the above reason.

But they seem, like 95% of other disabled organisations to be more worried about their own positions rather than those of the people they are supposed to represent.

Quite sad, when you think about it.

Indefinite awards can most certainly be reassessed, please apply for dla yourself you have nothing to lose but maybe a lot to gain. get help filling in the form cause its a mammoth task and can be every daunting, always best to get help from your CAB or welfare rights, they will guide you of how to fill the form in. Take care, I hope you come back and tell,us you’ve applied.x

Anon - it doesn’t seem right does it? But, if it’s non means tested then, on that front at least, she’s entitled to it. That’s not her rule, it’s the Government’s. Her apparent health might be more of a moral issue if she’s pulling a fast one. If she exaggerated and put on an act etc then that’s utterly disgraceful and fraud. However, whether she’s is entitled to it or not, the money she’s receiving wouldn’t go to anyone else in greater need if she gave it up: they will already have what they’re entitled to regardless of her. The Government won’t start a hardship fund from the savings made by rich disabled people not claiming their DLA.

I also agree with those who say you should apply for it. There’s no harm in applying and being assessed - the assessors will be able to judge whether or not you’re entitled to it. I do think you should take whatever you are fairly entitled to. It will make your own life much easier if you can converse energy by, for example, employing a cleaner, using a taxi, buying good food which needs little work etc. You, as an individual, will not change the financial situation of the country by not claiming what is actually a miniscule sum in the country’s pocket. That’s why there are assessors to see if you are entitled.

I hope that gives you food for thought. I’m not disagreeing with you if she has actually acted fraudulently and played on her MS to claim!


That’s incredibly harsh! I think anon is someone who wants to give to those in need and does not want the country’s limited resources to be wasted on those who don’t really need it. There’s no jealousy involved - anon’s not even claiming what he/she is probably entitled to.

Hi, Right, firstly I am not going to keep as anonymous as I resent being called a coward by TIM1971. I expected some people to tell me to mind my own business but to call me names is a step too far. For the record TIM1971, I am NOT jealous or bitter or bored or a coward and there is certainly nothing wrong with my head, it’s perfectly sound thank you. So your “deduction” is incorrect. Indeed I’m afraid that you sound like the angry and bitter person. Also I find it hypocritical that you talk to me like that and then in the next breath say that you feel it unbelievable that people work and get DLA. I also find the comment about sitting in one’s waste very condescending and insulting. Thank you everyone else for your constructive comments and yes Debc you are quite right, I am just concerned that with the government clearly hell bent on cutting all the welfare benefits and the additional worry of ATOS, that I feel if people do not need the DLA benefits i.e. would clearly not suffer without them, then it would possibly mean more money in the pot for people who genuinely need it in the future. Like I said in my original post, I didn’t want to upset anyone and it was never my intention to do so. Yes, TIM1971, I do have my own problems to concentrate on, I have ms as you do but that will not stop me from having an opinion and voicing it if I want to.

I think it is incredibly difficult to make an assessment of someone’s needs just by looking. If you were to ask me how I am you would get the answer “fine”. OK the wheelchair might give the game away but many MSers look great whilst being in lots of pain or suffering from crushing fatigue. Their reality may not be easily discernable. This is especially true of the care component – after all who knows what goes on in other people’s bathrooms?

I have no doubt that some people guild the lilly and should not get such high DLA awards but I would rather twenty undeserving people get it than miss one in need.

Your point about the claimant’s wealth is well made and I have read quite a few arguments about making all benefits subject to means but DLA is not – the claimant is doing nothing wrong.

What makes me smile a little is the misguided assumption that “indefinite” awards will not be looked at again. As others have pointed out PIP will make everyone reapply. Also I would add a little caveat to “indefinite” - it means indefinite only if your condition worsens or stays the same. If you get better it comes under the “things you must tell us about” and the DWP expect you to inform them, not to do is fraud.

I would echo what everyone else has said about you applying for DLA yourself.



Sorry to disagree with some of your points and a bit harsh to have a go at anon… Not really needed in my opinion.

I work (part time) and get indefinate award of DLA Mobility component (nil care). I am one of the ‘unbeleivable ones’. Without this, I couldn’t afford to get to work so would be on benefits (JSA or ESA ?). DLA is there to help those that work as well as those the can’t. I sit at a desk all day so as long as my mobility needs are met (the award helps) and my other abilities are met then I am lucky enough to work.

Another of your points about minding ones own business. The DWP cant be expected to identify every case where the wrong award may be in payment. They need the help of the claimants advising that they feel the award is wrong or 3rd parties to tell them that the individual performs tasks that are not appropriate to the relevant award.

People on indefinate DLA will be assessed from October 2015.

Whether I will get indefinate PIP at higher rate will depend on my needs when re-assessed & what the descriptors are. I dont think the fact that I have MS alone should be a reason for getting PIP. It should more be on what my ‘needs’ are.

You have some valid points but I feel having a go at anon may draw others away from those points.