Think I'm about to be sacked...for having 2 days off sick...

I have been back at work for 2 days after having 2 days off last week and during that time my boss has been pushing me for a prognosis on my recent attack of suspected Optic Neuritis. I had two days off 6 months ago for the same thing.

I never disclosed the fact that I had myelitis when they employed me 8 months ago and have hidden the symptoms pretty well. I had to use my stick one day but blamed it on back problems.

My boss has been really insistant that I need to let them know when I am likely to be off work and I have tried to explain that it is impossible to tell and that I may never have another attack again or could have one tomorrow. I am back at the eye clinic again tomorrow for a check up and when I go in on thursday he wants answers.

Prior to this happening, I was looking at a possible promotion but I feel like now they are being really unsupportive now.

I am seeing neurologist on friday for results of loads of tests on friday. He has been my consultant for 8 years. I have always only had a clinically isolated attack of myelitis but the ON triggered all the tests… and now I have had a 2nd attack it looks as though I may well get an ms diagnosis (although I am living in denial until friday).

Problem is that I didn’t divulge my illness at the start of my employment and as they are only a small firm any time I have off sick will impact them. I feel convinced that they will dismiss me like my previous employer on ill health grounds.

I love my job and although I get exhausted after the 3 days I work I still manage it and want to continue doing it. Have I shot myself in the foot by not telling them? Is it better to be honest and fill them in? What rights do I have if any after only 8 months of employment?

I feel sick with worry because it took me a long time to get back into work after dwp decided I was fit to work (they didnt care about the impact on my family life and trying to keep on top of housework etc as a single parent to two boys). Now I am scared I am going to be chucked on the scrap heap for the 2nd time.

Hi I’m so sorry it’s hard for you. I am having a lot of issues with my job too. I’m not necessarily saying you need to do what I have done but I haven’t said a thing to my employer… Iv somehow managed to keep myself there in body-if not in mind every day. I’m afraid I would loose my job too if they knew. I hope you get support and answers. Lilly xxx

Normally in most jobs I have had, there is a probationary period of about 6 months were they can sack you for whatever reason but after that then they can’t so if you are not on probation it would be difficult to sack you for 2 days off sick. Asking you to forcast when you will be sick is a bit like asking some-one when they plan to get a cold. Its a bit daft.

Have a word with the CAB to find out what your rights are. I would also start a bit of job hunting cause you don’t want to be in a job that causes you stress and it is always easier to get a job if you are already in one. When (not if, think positive) you get a new one I normally recommend not mentioning it at the interview but do tell them when you start. Then cross your fingers that you dont spend your probationary period sick.

Good luck hun and stand your ground


Hi, you don’t have to disclose a medical condition and two days off and two days six months ago doesn’t sound great but not too bad really. What is your companies absence policy? Where I work, two periods of absence in a year triggers a warning, three triggers disciplinary action, perhaps dismissal, but I wouldn’t really expect that to be applied , in our workplace, it’s more to catch the people who are out drinking all weekend and don’t turn up to work on a Monday. I’m also not sure why or how you were dismissedfrom your last job. I think your best bet is to go in and explain about your diagnosis, if you get one, and try to move forward from there. Don’t be confrontational, just explain the situation in a polite way, also don’t focus on the past months you have been at your job, that’s been and gone. You need them on your side and you have to work with them. You need to move forward from here. Cheryl:-)

Hi and thanks for your replies. In my last job I was dismissed on ill health grounds because I was off work for a year after I had been there 10 years. That was 7 years ago now.

I have decided to tell them tomorrow and explain that I have been undergoing a load of tests whereby a possible outcome could be ms but that I wont know until friday. I am going to say that I wasnt being deceitful but just that I didn’t want to say anything until I knew what I was dealing with.

I am dreading the outcome big time…

Hi, that sounds very reasonable to me, just keep it polite, definitely non confrontational, stay away from negative things, like your last job. You need them on your side. I don’t think it is unreasonable that you haven’t told them before, you wouldn’t go out of your way to tell someone about something you didn’t have or might not have. Good luck tomorrow. Cheryl:-)

I have been dealing with symptoms for 8 years caused by a large patch of inflammation in my cervical spine affecting mobility, buckling legs, numbness, tingling, hot and cold sensations, twitching, bladder and bowel problems and so on… and it has been in the background since that time that ms was possibility. But because I only had a large lesion in my neck it was only ever a clinically isolated syndrome…Until a new thing, the eyes, happened in June and then again last week. That ticks the multiple box so I believe. So whilst I appreciate that it can take ages for a diagnosis… I have been waiting for 8 years.

I told my bosses that I get the results from all my tests tomorrow and that I am being tested for ms. It turns out that they had known that something was wrong and that either I was going blind or looking for another job. My boss even said she was relieved! Bizarre… but I do feel better that it is now out in the open. But I am scared to get results tomorrow :frowning:

Sounds like you did the right thing, well done for taking, what sounds like a positive step forward. Hope things go well for you tomorrow. Cheryl:-)

Thanks Cheryl

Hope everything goes well for you tomorrow and things settle down at work x

Thanks x

Hope all goes well for you tomorrow. Linda x